May 4, 2012

Secret for Keeping Loose Dentures in Place

When you’re a ghostwriter, you never know what your next assignment will be!

An elderly client of mine who wishes to remain anonymous asked me publish his secret for keeping loose dentures in place. It seems as though his upper plate doesn’t fit snugly, and for years it never stayed in place all day. It was always coming loose and he had to keep re-applying Poligrip. He says that he was going through a tube of adhesive every week, and it was embarrassing when his dentures became wobbly during the day, especially after meals. He’d have to run to the bathroom and spend ten minutes securing his dentures; this was especially inconvenient in public places such as restaurants.

The Secret for Tight Dentures

For years he experimented with different ways to apply the adhesive. Then he discovered what he says is an incredible secret for keeping loose dentures in place all day. Here’s what he says:

1. Get a small ceramic bowl, like a teacup.

2. Squeeze in a blob of good quality creme adhesive like Poligrip. Cheaper adhesives have more water content, which you do not want.

3. Get some Poligrip denture adhesive powder. Cover the blob with lots of powder.

4. Using your fingertip, carefully mix the blob of tube adhesive with the powder.

5. You’ll have to experiment to get the proportions that work for you, but the object is to create a blob that has the consistency of stiff putty or cookie dough. The blob can even be slightly crumbly. You’ll know you’ve got it right when the blob no longer sticks to your finger or to the side of the cup. Keep adding powder until it’s no longer sticky; you’ll be amazed at how much powder the tube adhesive can absorb!

6. Make sure your dentures are clean and dry. Using your finger, pack the putty into the denture. Keep it away from the edges to avoid too much ooze. What you’re doing is basically making what dentists call a “liner” for your denture.

7. Insert denture and give it a few minutes to settle in, and clean away the ooze that will seep out of the back of the appliance.

8. You should be good for 24 hours. You should find that your dentures stick so well that you have to forcibly pry the appliance off your gums. If your dentures become loose during the day, try this: just take them out and rinse your mouth in clear water. Quickly rinse the denture in water too. The object is to re-hydrate the powder-saturated putty. Then pop the denture back in, and you may find that you’re good for the rest of the day.

9. To save time, mix 1/2 tube of adhesive at a time into a big blob, and save it in a small glass jar. Remember that when you remove your dentures, never allow any of the adhesive to go down the drain – it’s basically like cement and it will ruin your drain.

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